Exhibits & Attractions

4-D Theater

An extraordinary adventure to the North Pole, now playing at our 4-D theater. 

California Sea Lion

Central Garden & Sea Lion Pool

At the heart of the park, bark hello to the sea lions, meet their devoted keepers, and take time to smell the roses. The sea lion feed is a visitor favorite, showcasing the acrobatic talents of April, Clarisse, and Scooter.


Polar Circle

Meet birds from the ends of the earth! Visit the Antarctic turf of penguins and Arctic waters of puffins. Our indoor bird colony makes for a great year-round experience.

Snow Leopard

Allison Maher Stern Snow Leopard Exhibit

Meet big cats in the big city. A rugged evergreen habitat, complete with a rocky waterfall, replicates the critically endangered snow leopard’s home below the tree line in the mountains of Central Asia.

Snow Monkey

Temperate Territory

Wildlife that lives within the temperate zone must adapt to changing seasons and variable climate. You’ll find some of these adaptable animals along the temperate trail, including snow monkeys, red pandas, and Central Park Zoo-goers!

Children's Zoo

Tisch Children's Zoo

A walk-through wildlife adventure awaits young explorers. This compact nature trail features a barnyard full of friendly sheep and alpacas, a meandering duck pond, and plenty of places for little hands and feet to hop, scuttle, and climb!

Victoria Crowned Pigeon

Tropic Zone: The Rainforest

Look up, look down! Viewing platforms at various levels help you discover the animal life in all layers of our walk-through rainforest habitat. Tortoises crawl along the ground, birds fly overhead, and lemurs leap through the canopy.