Temperate Territory

Wildlife that lives within the temperate zone must adapt to changing seasons and variable climate. You’ll find some of these adaptable animals along the temperate trail, including snow monkeys, red pandas, and Central Park Zoo-goers!

What to See and Do

Visit Central Park’s own “rock of Gibraltar.”
Snow monkeys roam a rocky island home. A path around the island lets you watch the troop from all angles.

Learn seasonal survival skills from the snow monkeys.
A soak in the zoo’s “hot springs” keeps the monkeys warm in winter. In summer, they cool off with a dip in the pond!

Tiptoe up to a red panda.
Look up! Red pandas love to hang out in the trees. Fallen logs and ground cover also make great panda climbing territory.

Tally turtles, and other wetland creatures.
Look on logs and scan the banks for red-bellied turtles, migratory birds, and other creatures that thrive in this marshy ecosystem.

Take a poetry tour.
Poetry by Whitman, Shakespeare, and other “wildlife bards” decorate pathways and viewing stations throughout the zoo.