Mongoose-lings! Mongeese? Just Mongooses, Actually

August 13, 2013

New arrivals in the Tropic Zone. Six banded mongooses pups are exploring their home at the Central Park Zoo!

Our mongoose family has grown! Six curious banded mongoose pups are now romping around their exhibit on the Tropic Zone’s mezzanine. The mongooses are from Africa and rely on all members of the social group to help raise the young. 

In the wild the mongooses rely on partnerships with birds, such as hornbills, as an early warning system from predators while they roam the land looking for bird eggs,insects, and small reptiles to eat. The relationship is beneficial for both –the hornbills are happy to pick off insects fleeing the roving bands of mongooses.

Come watch the pups at play—you may even be treated to a tiny wrestling match.