The accessibility chart below provides an overview of services and facilities that are available for Central Park Zoo guests with disabilities. Please consult the current map, distributed at the entrance gate, for additional park information and schedules.

At this time, WCS parks are requiring all guests to wear a mask when visiting our NY Zoos and Aquarium. Masks must be worn at all times - indoors and outdoors; regardless of vaccination status. People without a mask or appropriate face covering present a direct threat to the health and safety of others. In order to limit this direct threat, making masks mandatory for every guest over the age of 2 years, is required for safe operation of our parks.

WCS recognizes that some guests may have a disability that may limit their ability to wear a mask or cloth face covering during their visit. For those guests:

  1. Wearing a face shield as an alternative face covering is permitted. As identified by NY Dept. of Health, a face shield is an appropriate alternative face covering and may be worn at the park.
  2. Many designated Outdoor Seating Areas are available for breaks. For those guests who are unable to continuously wear their mask for the duration of their visit but who are able to wear a mask for short periods of time, the park has available visit tips for planning a route with frequent rest stops at Outdoor Seating Areas. These locations provide picnic tables or benches with appropriate social distancing where guests may remove their masks when seated. All guests must wear their masks when walking within these areas.
  3. Wait for a future visit. If you have a medical disability that prevents you from being able to wear any type of acceptable face covering, we will not be able to have you visit with us at this time. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding as we navigate these unique and unprecedented safety challenges as responsibly as we can. We will continue to explore opportunities for additional accommodations that can help all guests plan a park visit as the situation continues to evolve.

*Outdoor Seating Areas: Where designated, picnic tables are arranged and/or benches are marked for proper social distancing so guests can remove their mask when seated. All guests must wear their face covering whenever walking through or around these areas.

All buildings are wheelchair-accessible.

Exhibits Steep Hill Rough Terrain Touch Exhibit Low Light Stairs Assistive Listening
Tropic Zone X X X*
Red Panda X
Snow Monkey
Snow Leopard X X
Bears X X
Penguins & Sea Birds X
Central Garden
Tisch Children's Zoo X X X
4-D Theater X X

*Elevator access available to Tropic Zone mezzanine.

A limited number of free wheelchairs are available on a first come, first served basis. Ask any Admissions or Security staff for assistance.

Security & First Aid

In case of emergency, or when in need of first aid, please notify Security at (212) 439-6557.

Service Animals

Only working Service Animals, in accordance with the American with Disabilities Act (ADA), are allowed at the park. Under the ADA, “a service animal is a dog that has been individually trained to work or perform tasks for assisting a person with a disability.” Service dogs are working animals, not pets. Dogs whose sole function is to provide comfort or emotional support do not qualify as service animals under the ADA. Pets, comfort animals, emotional support or therapy animals are not permitted at the Zoo.

Upon arrival at the park, please check in with Admissions so a supervisor can review some logistical items with you and issue a Service Dog Admission pass*. Guest/handler for the service dog is solely responsible for the care and control of their animal. Thank you for your cooperation to ensure a safe and successful visit for yourself, your service dog, the animals cared for at the zoo, and other park guests.

*As stipulated by the ADA, Zoo staff may request that a service dog experiencing difficulty or demonstrating problematic behaviors, such as barking or lunging, be removed from the Zoo immediately. We ask that you promptly comply with any such request for the safety and welfare of all.

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