Tropic Zone: The Rainforest


Explore the rainforest without leaving New York. There’s a startling variety of animals in the Tropic Zone, from the forest floor to the canopy, including a wide range of tropical birds and engaging troops of black-and-white ruffed lemurs, white-faced saki monkeys, cotton-topped tamarins, and much more.

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Look Up!

Keep your eyes peeled - the Tropic Zone’s birds range freely inside the exhibit with you. You never know who might be perched just over your shoulder!

Black-and-White Ruffed Lemur

These primates are emblematic of the island of Madagascar, and are found nowhere else on earth. With their striking appearance, prehensile tails, complex social structures, and diverse variety of colors and species, these animals are iconic but endangered.

In the Exhibit

Mountain Coati

Mountain coatis live in large groups in the mountains of Venezuela, Colombia, and Ecuador. They have long, flexible noses for sniffing and rooting out food from fallen leaves in the forest and they hold their striped tails up in the air while foraging.

Rodrigues Fruit Bat

Also known as Rodrigues flying foxes, these Critically Endangered bats are found only on the island of Rodrigues in the western Indian Ocean. As they feed on fruit, sun-loving Rodrigues fruit bats help their environment by dispersing seeds.

Banded Mongoose

Most species of mongoose are solitary, but the banded mongoose lives in large groups with complex social structures. In the wild, they sometimes den in repurposed termite mounds.

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